What You Can Do To Get the Maximum Amount of Miles Out of Your Fuel

You do not have to spend an arm and a leg all the time to fuel your car. There are a number of ways you can definitely get more miles out of your fuel. It’s even possible to boost your fuel efficient by about 40 percent. While one single method might not maximise your mileage, adding them up could see you squeezing dozens of miles out of every litre of petrol.

Inflate tyres properly.

By inflating your tyres properly, you can decrease fuel consumption considerably by a minimum of three percent. A tyre loses around a single PSI every month and during cold months such as winter, tyre pressure decreases as a result of the air’s thermal contraction. Always check your car tyres monthly and if you can, at least once per week. Tyres inflated properly will help avoid uneven tread wear as well.

Stick to the speed limit

Going easy on your accelerator and sticking to the speed limit can boost your fuel economy. While this is so obvious, you probably cannot remember the last time you drove at 70 mph on the motorway.  Drive over 70 mph and fuel efficiency can drop significantly. Slow down and raise your fuel economy considerably by about 23 percent.

What’s in your boot / trunk?

Empty things you do not need from your car. For instance, you might not need to have tyre chains in your car in July or golf clubs yet you cannot remember when you last used them. For any heavy junk in your trunk over or about 100 pounds, fuel efficiency dips rapidly at a rate of two percent. Clean and empty your car and the fuel economy will climb up accordingly.  Removing the roof rack can get you another five percent.

Roof bars

Are you an avid cyclist or sports mad canoeist and you keep your roof bars on in between carrying your beloved sports equipment?  Yes we know it’s a pain to remove your roof bars but it could save you as much as 15% on your fuel bill.  If you are looking at new roof bars consider paying a bit more for the quick release versions, you may need to spend a bit more but it could save you a fortune in the long run

How is your engine’s air filter?

A dirty filter decreases your fuel economy and stalls your engine when idling. You might want to stay away from dust clouds as well or clogging the air filters by driving on dusty roads. The fuel filter should be replaced as per the recommended schedule of the car’s manufacturer to enhance fuel efficiency further.


You might want to go for a tune-up and stick to light viscosity engine oil your car can live with. Remember an efficient engine is a properly tuned one and heavy weight oil will increase drag.  A tune-up can raise fuel efficiency by ten percent.

Narrow tyres

Get the narrowest tyres for your car that augurs well with your demands and driving style. With narrow tyres, the frontal area is reduced lowering aerodynamic drag. Remember to get narrow tyres compatible with the wheels of your car. Unless the car’s manufacturer has approved small wheels, do not invest in them.

Air con or windows open

Do you always drive with your air conditioning turned on, do you always need it turned on?  At low speeds having your windows open can be more fuel efficient than using your air con.  Once you drive above 20mph though it’s probably more fuel efficient to have your windows shut, reduce the drag and switch to air con.  Easiest thing to do is ask yourself the question.  Do you need it turned on at all?

Master your urban routes

If you can drive efficiently in the city or urban areas you can increase your fuel economy. This might be a challenge in such areas as Birmingham, Manchester and the City of London but there are things you can do:


Choose a quieter and longer route with less cars on the road

Do not rush in the morning by leaving early

Drive when it’s warm-tests indicate fuel economy is best during the midday heat

Stay away from bad weather as you can

Do not refuel at peak times to avoid wasting time idling on a fuel station

While stuck in the traffic switch the car engine off, but ensure the car is well serviced and can restart quickly

When parked, turn off your car’s engine; idling vehicles burn around a litre of petrol every 60 minutes

If driving at high speeds keep car windows closed. Open windows reduce fuel economy by ten percent


Drive smart from today and reap the benefits.

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