Mileage Consultancy

The PEAK Mileage Consultancy

It’s often said that necessity is the mother of all invention.  Well we can hardly call the Fleet Innovations consultancy service an invention but it was created through necessity.


Through talking to our clients and meeting with business owners on a daily basis it was apparent to us that many organisations were in trouble when it came to their mileage expenses.  The CleanPEAcould solve many of these issues but some clients need help to even be ready for a new system or needed a bit more once it was in place.  With this in mind we created the Fleet Mileage Consultancy to help these clients.


The Fleet Mileage Consultancy has simple aims based around the following common principles


  • Help customers to reduce the cost of their fleet and their mileage
  • Look for areas of compliance risk and help to amend polices to plug these holes
  • Demonstrate new and creative ways for customers to improve their systems and processes
  • Look at ways that clients can help benefit the environment.
  • Use simple and easy to understand language.


The Fleet Mileage Consultancy has a number of predefined strategies that are proven to help customers, however we will always look at every customer with a fresh pair of eyes.  In simple terms this means we won’t try to “Pidgeon hole” you into a solution that is not right for you but we will use our experience to explore well known and proven options.


Some of the things we have done for customers of our mileage consultancy.

  • Full mileage audit to look for compliance issues and cost saving strategies
  • Fleet profiling to see how a fleet policy could be changed to optimise efficiencies
  • Electric vehicle analysis where we use GPS data of driver behaviour to make recommendations about the ideal electric vehicle policy.  We actually have a separate site for this


If you need help with you fleet and especially your mileage then our mileage consultancy can help.  If you need to know more please email [email protected]



The Award winning PEAK miles system is built to accurately record both business and personal mileage. Giving you and your business data through state of the art reporting functions. From this data, the team at PEAK Mileage Consultancy can help your business analyse your fleet energy data and identify energy-saving opportunities.


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