Mission, Vision & Goals


To be recognised as the most Innovative provider of simple, effective, and engaging solutions for the fleet and finance industry.



Fleet Innovations creates simple, effective and engaging solutions to make life easier for business drivers and for organisations that employ them and service them. Our solutions are for anyone looking to reduce cost, improve the environment and streamline processes.



  • To always engage with total integrity
  • Fair & accurate data for all
  • Private data is private
  • Secure, safe and compliant
  • Simple and uncomplicated
  • Treat customers and partners with equal respect
  • To only work with customers on a mutually beneficial basis


Develop sell and deliver solutions based around travel data to customers who are trying to reduce cost, save time, address environmental concerns and improve compliance.
Our customers will benefit from our solutions in the following ways:

  • Simplifying processes through the use of technology designed for the specific role.
  • Cut costs by ensuring mileage expenses are accurate and employees claim only the mileage they travel (not a penny more or less).
  • Employee engagement by removing the ‘big brother’ concerns related to GPS.
  • Enable customers to make fact based decisions using accurate and secure management information.
  • Make appropriate decisions regarding stakeholder’s environmental concerns.
  • Feel safe and secure that we have a proven track record.
  • Feel confident that we have a proven GPS solution that can be fitted to any vehicle by the driver in seconds.